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Despite the fact that Australia and New Zealand are literally thousands of miles away they are often seen as very “close cousins” by many people around the world. While historically they were perhaps more alike than they would care to agree, there are significant differences with regards to Indians living in New Zealand and Indians…

When Surekha Vatikutti isn’t dealing with women’s health issues she’s spending time with her family, time often spent exploring Wellington city. Indian-born doctor Surekha currently works as a senior house officer in obstetrics and gynaecology at Wellington Hospital and her doctor husband Vivek made a “lifestyle choice” to move to New Zealand almost five years…

About us

At Global CV Solutions our professional consultants are CV writing, recruitment, HR and career coaching specialists still actively involved within the industry. Our team has a wide range of experience within the New Zealand and Australian markets as well as most countries around the world. It is this experience that allows our consultants to understand exactly what employers, hiring managers and recruitment agencies are looking for. This enables us to write a professional CV and offer comprehensive career advice which will help you transition to the New Zealand employment market.

I am very satisfied with the professional, fast and efficient service. Pleased with the end result – a cutting edge CV which targets my top skills

Frank Kish Senior QA Test Lead Manager

Thank you for your guidance and helping me in preparing a perfect CV and cover letter. It is really impressive and I am thankful to you and your team for putting so much effort. I am very happy and now I will start applying for jobs. Thanks a lot.

Shailesh S Mechanical Engineer

I got a job! I got your CV, sent it to the advertiser the next day and two days later I had an interview and the following Monday I started work. I am so happy! It was the job I had on the top of my wish list and I got a higher salary than expected. This is after nearly 80 unsuccessful applications I have sent out so thank you so much! You gave me the confidence back I really needed to do a good job during the interview. I have already recommended your service to my friends. They shouldn’t waste time applying without a proper CV so thank you again and all the best!

Manuela L Office Manager

After reading through my CV and cover letter, I was very impressed. They are absolutely wonderful! Thank you very much for your great work.

Akio Teramoto Network Systems Engineer

I am very pleased with the work you have done for me. My CV and Cover Letter are well written; I have been represented in a totally new way! I was also impressed with your working efficiency and attitude – you delivered a timely and precise service. Thank you again for your effort.

Daisy Zhang Graduate Accountant

I am so glad I stumbled upon you. My CV and cover letter are as good as they have ever looked and this gives me great hope . I will keep you posted on my job applications and will not hesitate to recommend my friends to you. I wish you all the best in everything you do. Asante for such great work and also for the extra tips. You have no Idea what this means to me. I know you might think you are just doing your job but it is not every day you come across people like you. Asante Sana.

Bernard Ndetei Technical Support Representative

As a new graduate, I had applied for about 12 jobs and did not get one single response. Global CV Solutions did my new CV and cover letter and within a few days I had two interviews from four applications. They also did phone interview coaching and role playing the day before my interview and this was very helpful. The company said there would be panel, buddy and group interviews so I had no idea what to expect and I was very nervous. Global CV predicted virtually all the types of questions they asked including about 20 behavioural questions so I went in feeling well prepared. I feel genuinely lucky to have found Global CV Solutions to help me.

Ron Yang Customer Service Representative

I am one of your previous customers – you helped to re-write my CV in April last year, along with a cover letter. Well, I secured a work visa and arrived here August 2011 with no job, no home, nothing. I had applied for this job outside of NZ, using the CV you had worked on for me and here I am! I got my residency in July 2012 and can now breathe a big sigh of relief and make future plans. So many thanks for your help – it definitely helped give me a competitive edge!

HQ Project Manager

Thanks a ton for the interview coaching sessions. It really built my confidence and prepared me for the various interviews. First you guys changed my ordinary CV to a professional one and now with the interview coaching I have finally got a great job. I would recommend everybody should take advantage of your quality services to get their dream job. Thanks again!

Archana N Office Administrator

Since my graduation from university and going through ups and downs with jobs, I have been advised by Jack and Harry, Jane and John how to apply for jobs and what to do. I have even used online sources and samples to write my CV and cover letter. I paid several companies to do my CV but every single time I applied for the job I had exactly the same outcome, “Your application was not successful” and was never advised what went wrong. I came across Global CV and I received straight up feedback. They told me what was wrong with my CV and gave me 3 out of 10 which made me laugh as I had the feeling that it was the actual problem. I applied for 8 positions and by Tuesday had 5 phone interviews. My wife, my friends and colleagues did not believe it and said it was just luck so a week later I applied for another 5 positions and had 3 interviews. I could not believe it. I have finally started to feel like I am worth something and am now in the situation where I can choose what I want to do rather than just sitting and waiting. I 100% recommend the service and the reality check.

Firuz Alimov Business Improvement Analyst

Thank you very much for my new CV and I really appreciate it. I will recommend you to many of my friends I know. This is outstanding. Awesome and good stuff

Jacob Kambuta Community & Charitable Development Planner

Your team has done a wonderful job with my CV which has helped me get to where I am now. I will definitely come back to Global CV solutions for any help with my CV or cover letter in the future as I need it.

CM Help Desk Support Technician

I wanted to personally thank you for my new CV and letter which has already produced results! Before you did my CV, I used to receive a rejection email straight away. I am pleased to say that I have sent my new CV off to about 30 applications and so far, not one rejection letter. For the first time I have progressed to the second stage with two large companies and I am now feeling really confident. I heartily appreciate your efforts and I really want to recommend Global CV solutions to family and friends.

Bhavik Raval Customer Services

My CV helped me secure a job in less than 4 weeks. I have been in the position almost a year now. I had been out of the workforce for 16 years and I know for a fact that the Manager granted me the interview because her boss had pointed out my CV to her. There were 40 applicants and 4 selected for an interview so my CV gave me an edge. Thank you. I highly recommend your services to others.

Juana Atkins Customer Service and Administration

Firstly, a sincere thanks for working on my resume. You have completely changed my CV and now it speaks so much about me both professionally and personally. I am really happy with the way the cover letter is highlighting my HR competencies and experience. Thank you once again. I wish I had come to your organisation three 3 years back.

Shalini Shetty HR Assistant