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When Surekha Vatikutti isn’t dealing with women’s health issues she’s spending time with her family, time often spent exploring Wellington city.

Indian-born doctor Surekha currently works as a senior house officer in obstetrics and gynaecology at Wellington Hospital and her doctor husband Vivek made a “lifestyle choice” to move to New Zealand almost five years ago.

Vivek had previously spent seven years working in the United Kingdom, Surekha had later joined him, but they were both in need of a change of scenery and were not keen to return to India.

New Zealand was top of their priority list of countries to live in, and Wellington their choice of destination.

“When we were looking at our options, our first choice was New Zealand because of the lifestyle it offers and how beautiful it is,” says Surekha.

So Vivek successfully applied for a job as general surgical registrar at Wellington Hospital.

With an Indian medical degree to her name, Surekha was also keen to find work but first she had to complete her NZREX Clinical, an exam administered by the Medical Council to assess international medical graduates who are not otherwise eligible for registration, but wish to practise medicine in New Zealand.

By then she was pregnant with her first child, but soon after Anika was born she too landed a job at Wellington Hospital as a first-year house officer in general medicine.

Capital and Coast District Health Board receives about 200 applications alone from UK-registered doctors so when positions become available, where possible it recruits doctors like Surekha who have passed their NZREX.

“Doctors who have taken this exam have chosen to make a commitment to New Zealand and make their home here,” says chief medical officer Geoff Robinson.

“These doctors are very valuable to C&CDHB as they will be part of our workforce for a long time and bring with them valuable skills and knowledge ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of care.”

Surekha is a good example – she went on to gain further experience in orthopaedics and rehabilitation as a house officer before entering into gynaecology and obstetrics, where she says she’s now found her niche.

And despite having no family here the Vatikutti’s have found plenty of support within their working environment, and out of work.

“As an Indian family you get a lot of family support when you have a baby and I thought being here without family around we wouldn’t get any of that, but we didn’t miss out at all,” says Surekha.

“Being pregnant for the first time was daunting in a country far away from India, but luckily I had an extremely good midwife in Sue Whitley, who just was so supportive and encouraging.

“Following that we were very much supported by the Plunket team. We also had plenty of expert advice and support from our GP, Indra Rajendran.

“So we received plenty of support from within the health system and also our ante natal group – I’ve made some great friends who I go out for coffee with, or walks with.”

While Surekha and her husband, both now New Zealand residents, love their jobs, it’s the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to that keeps them in Wellington and in New Zealand.

“Looking back we made right decision, definitely. We didn’t find it hard to settle here at all, everyone is so friendly and accommodating. Even finding a place to rent was easy,” says Surekha.

The couple went on to buy their own home two years ago and are now pregnant with their second child.

“I can’t think of a better place to bring up our children – lifestyle is why we came here and we certainly have a great lifestyle. We just love nature, so we make sure we’re out and about, we don’t stay at home much, there’s just so much to see and do here.”

One of Surekha’s most favourite places is Oriental Bay on Wellington’s waterfront.
“Wellington really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. On a good day you just can’t beat it,” she says. “The whole of New Zealand is just so beautiful. I remember telling my husband when we first got here that it’s like paradise and it truly is.”

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