100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee complete satisfaction on all our work for a period of 30 days. Should you fail to be completely satisfied with your CV, you can return to us and we will re-write your CV at no additional charge.  This is on the understanding that the brief, country, role and requirements are exactly the same as when first agreed. If you are still not satisfied with what we produce and you have been unable to secure employment for more than 90 days after your CV was completed, you can return your CV to us for a refund of 100% of all money received. Of course every effort must be made within this period to obtain interviews with both employers and/or agencies. Global CV Solutions Limited will not be held accountable if positions applied for are of an inappropriate level or if you have a lack of relevant skills and/or experience and this is the likely reason why no interviews have been sought. To obtain a full refund you may be asked to provide evidence of applications.

Refunds Policy

It is our policy to continue to work on your CV and/or cover letter free of charge for 10 working days, until you are completely satisfied and have accepted the final draft. We are so confident we will produce an outstanding interview winning CV, we guarantee our work for a period of 30 days. Should you fail to be completely satisfied with your CV, you can return your CV to us and we will re-write your CV for free. Please see guarantee policy above.

Global CV Solutions Limited

  • Global CV Solutions Limited – GST Registration Number – 107833064
  • Global CV Solutions Limited – Registered Company – 3583851
  • Global CV Solutions Limited reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Work will only commence on your CV after payment has been received
  • When making a payment please ensure that you select the CV type most applicable to your employment tenure. Our CVs are prepared based on the number of years relevant working experience you possess and we cannot be held accountable for any incorrect choices. If an incorrect package is selected we will call you to discuss and reserve the right to amend charges if an incorrect package has been chosen
  • Orders placed should not be cancelled once work has commenced on that order. Should you place an order and then cancel it prior to work commencing on that order, we will refund you the full amount paid less 25%. In the case of credit card payments an additional 5% will be charged. If you cancel after work has commenced we will refund 25% less an amount to be negotiated in relation to work already completed on your CV
  • Should we not receive the information necessary to prepare a draft of your CV or cover letter within 2 weeks of your order being placed a refund will be provided without further notice less 50% administration charge
  • The draft of your CV will be sent via email within 5 working days assuming you have provided us with all the relevant information within a reasonable timescale. (Working days include Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and all applicable public holidays)
  • Should we be unable to process your request or cannot deliver within the specified timescales due to circumstances under your control, we will notify you immediately. Charges will still apply for work already completed. Global CV Solutions Limited will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of failure to meet these timescales
  • Your CV and/or covering letter are based upon information that you supply. Global CV Solutions Limited cannot accept responsibility for any false or inaccurate information supplied
  • We will continue to work on your CV and/or cover letter free of charge for up to 10 days after delivery of the draft. We will make as many changes that are necessary during this period until you are totally satisfied and have accepted the final draft. Changes will usually be made within 24-48 hours of receiving applicable information. Should you wish to change any details after a) acceptance or b) expiry of the 10 day period, additional charges may be incurred
  • After the sending of the draft, you will have up to 48 hours (not including weekends and public holidays) to highlight any desired changes. If we do not hear from you during this period, we will assume you are completely satisfied and have accepted the document as final. Any changes required after this period may incur an additional charge unless this has been arranged prior with your consultant

No Guarantee of Employment

We specialise in the design of outstanding, well presented, informative interview-winning CVs for candidates of all levels and industry sectors but we can in no way guarantee that the use of our products will result in a job offer. There are so many factors that determine if a person is successful in obtaining a job that we cannot be responsible for the outcome.  All we can promise is to do our very best and help you in any way we can.  If we offer to forward your CV to one of our agency partners, this in no way guarantees you an interview or job through them.

Customer Complaints

Global CV Solutions Limited are dedicated and motivated to provide you with an unrivalled customer experience. If you are unhappy with any part of our service, please contact us immediately. Complaints are taken seriously and we will ensure that the problem is resolved quickly and effectively.  We pride ourselves on outstanding communication and customer service so we would always prefer you talked to us first so we have the opportunity of resolving your issues – thank you.