Top 10 CV Tips

A well-written CV and application letter can open doors and increase your chances of gaining an interview for your dream job. A badly-written CV will do just the opposite, so make sure your CV stands out and gets you noticed for all the right reasons. Here are our top 10 tips for creating a great CV and application letter.

  1. Make sure your CV is up-to-date and contains your most recent and relevant experience
  2. Proof-read and double check spelling, grammar and language in all documents
  3. Ensure your CV is visually pleasing and easy to read in a simple, professional format
  4. Tailor your CV and letter for each application you submit
  5. Make sure the name and company details on the letter are correct (ie you haven’t addressed the letter to Bob at ABC Recruitment when it should be Jan at HR Services)
  6. Photos and personal details about marital status, age and religion are not a requirement for New Zealand (and are in fact best left off your CV as they are not relevant)
  7. Keep the CV concise but informative and take out irrelevant information. Between 2-4 pages is a good length and up to 5 if you are at a senior stage in your career
  8. Inject some personality into the CV and letter by describing your character and using words that give the reader a good feel for who you are as a person (outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic…)
  9. Show how you can add value to a prospective employer’s business and stand out from other applicants
  10. When sending your CV via email, or attaching it to an online application, use a PDF format to ensure the document’s security and the integrity of the formatting
  11. Need help? Then enlist the experts to create your new CV and application letter

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